Robbers Storm Nigerian Airport…Cart Away Millions

The men of the underworld were at it again at the Sam Mbakwe Airport in Owerri, the Imo state capital on Friday, October 10.
According to a report by The Leadership newspaper an unnamed micro finance bank located within the airport, as well as the offices of Arik and Air Peace Airlines in Imo state were the major places robbed.

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To Become A Leader – Think Like An Owner

Everyone has an opinion in our world, especially when it comes to somebody else’s work. Work of our bosses, of government officials and corporate executives. We often think that we know better how to do their job. Although, the opinion that we might give is given from a very limited perspective. We may not fully understand the issues and weighing the interests of various constituencies that our boss has to consider in order to make an important decision. But, if you want to think like a leader you need to start thinking in a broader perspective – you need to think like an owner of business.

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Nigeria’s National Flag and the People’s Dissociation from It

By Debo Popoola
A country’s national emblems are the materials, physical or abstract, that symbolize that country’s historical, physical, social, cultural and pnigeria flagolitical beliefs. They are the nexus between the past, present and the future of a country. These emblems are narratives that generations gone have collected for the ones coming. And if there seems to be confusion in the beliefs of the people of a nation, those emblems are referred to for clarification and they become the ancestral map towards a pre-defined destination. Continue reading “Nigeria’s National Flag and the People’s Dissociation from It”

7 Ways to Use Your Facebook Page to Promote Your Business. Very Simple

facebookFacebook is one of the commonest social media tools around. It is a place where the old generation meets new. People of different race and culture meet here. It is also very is easy to use, unlike other social media.

There are over a billion users globally. Facebook has turned the world to a global village where someone in Australia can interact with another person in Nigeria. Business minded people see facebook as a global marketplace.

Yes! The idea of the global marketplace is our focus. Do you know you can sell your products and services using facebook pages, thus generating huge revenue for you? Here are some proven and tested tips based on research that you should know if you really want to promote your business through facebook.

1 Let your facebook profile do the marketing: The first thing most people do before they interact with you is to first check your profile. They want to know who you are? Knowing who you are will give them the assurance that they are not totally talking to a stranger.

You profile must tell what you do or sell, it most give the viewer all the information about you. Your profile image and cover photo must show your logo and probably what you do; this is a branding strategy.

2. Invite as much friends as you can: There is actually no limit to the number of friends you can invite to like your facebook page. By adding friends, they get to view your profile; and if your profile in appealing enough, they will definitely like your page.

3. Use the messenger tool: You can interact with those that have liked your page by sending them messages. You can introduce yourself and let them know what you do. Be friendly with your use of words and never use the racist or sexual words.

4. Pictures speak better: It is important that you post pictures of what you do more because people are more interested in seeing what you have done than hearing or reading about it. Pictures should support whatever you might have said to your prospective customer s or clients.

5. Be Interactive: This is very important; it is like a customer service thing. Always reply every question asked in your post. Some questions may be out of tune but you must give friendly and appealing answers. It is also important to like replies.

6. Be Consistent: Consistency is key to selling products or services both online and offline. It is not the day you open a facebook account or page that people start patronizing you, you need to keep posting and updating your page with good contents. By doing this, you will trigger your friends curiosity to want to know what you are up to.

7. Facebook alone cannot do it: Never over rely on facebook alone, explore other means of getting your products and services known. Use other social media. The face-to-face marketing is still very important to grow business, utilize it more.

Written by Debo Popoola.

Nigeria’s No Show at UN Summit on Boko Haram: Who Takes The Blame?

Debo Popoola

Nigerians took to the social media to express their dissatisfaction at the unavailability of the country’s delegation at a United Nations’ summit held in support of the countries affected by the Boko Haram’s insurgency.

For years, Boko Haram terrorist group have proven to be a hard nut for the Nigerian army to crack; and the more the army try to subdue them, the more they unleash their mayhem on innocent citizens. The terrorist group have killed thousands of people and rendered millions homeless in the spate of five years. Many Nigerians have now become refugees in their own land as IDP camps are springing up daily.

One wonders why if a summit is organized to discuss how succor can be brought to those affected by these terrorists, why would Nigeria – apparently the most affected of all the countries in West Africa – not have a single representation at the summit. It is on this backdrop that Nigerians, both young and old, have since been expressing their disappointed, especially the ones active on the social media platforms- twitter, facebook, etc.

The Excuse: Not an Important Submit.

The presidency has since come out in defense of itself. The excuse given according to the Senior Special Assistant to the President on Media and Publicity, Mr Shehu Lawal, was that the summit was not an important one, that at the time the summit was holding, the president was also holding meetings with head of states of some big countries. What an excuse!

I believe what most Nigerians are asking for was not Buhari’s presence at the meeting. What was needed was a representation. It could have been any of the delegates. The Prime Minister of Niger was physically present at the summit, this shows how important the summit was.

Another excuse given by the presidency was that no official invitation was issued to them by the organizers of the meeting. But it was later discovered that there was actually an invitation issued, but someone refused to do his or her job properly and the invitation did not get to the right person.

The Little Thing That Counts

But of all these, who is to be blamed? The presidency I think. Nigeria could have benefited immensely from the summit if she was duly represented as other affected countries were present, and their discussions centered on how the affected communities get help from other nations. I believe this act has put a dent on this administration’s promise that it would do anything possible to help those affected by the insurgency.

From Glory to Gory: The Story of Popular Nigerian Stars That Lost It.

By Debo Popoola
Stardom could be deceptive; fame could be highly inflammable that when not properly managed, it could spark off and vanished into the tin air. It is easier to ascend from grass to grace than to remain graceful throughout one’s life time.

Many have tasted the honey at the crest of wealth. Many have stories of a glorious past, of what it was like to be rich and famous, but their present stories will always ignite one’s sympathy and compassion.

We have seen and heard about people who used to dine and wine with kings on the high table now squabbling for crumbs at the base. One wonders what could have been responsible for the downfall. A lot of things could be responsible. It could be spiritual or even self-inflicted.

Naturally, human beings easily forget their struggles before attaining greatness the moment they get hold of it. It only takes one day of enjoyment to forget one year of suffering. And this has always been the reason why most people find themselves in square one.

Our focus shall be on popular music and football stars that used to rock but got rocked upon. If we take ourselves aback to some years past, there are some names that will come to mind about people that used to “run things” then. These people used to ride the best cars and lived in the best houses. They used to wear the best of dresses and their appearance used to wow us then. But now, they are strange names to the present.

These names are everywhere in the world, but our focus shall be on Nigerians.

Majek Fashek

This man used to be the pictogram of Reggae music in Nigeria and Africa at large. From the brain of this man, hits songs have emanated and have shook the country’s music sphere. Among his hits are household anthems like “Send Down The Rain”, “Little Patience”, “Spirit of Love”, “Jah People”, “Religion is Politic”, “African Unity”, “Holy Spirit” and so on.

His songs are always loaded with messages unlike the cacophony and mediocrity that are now being disked to us as songs these days. Majek Fashek has always been pan-African with his songs. The message of unity, love and respect has always been the major motifs in his art.

Majek Fashek used to be a global Reggae star and he had travelled the world to perform with other stars. Majek is a name that easily comes to mind when Reggae is being mentioned in Nigeria.

Recently, a blogger named Joseph Edgar ran into this legend on a busy Lagos street begging for a 100 naira note. Edger wrote on his blog:
“On my way to work this morning, I spotted a loony figure. Pants sagged, dirty black underwear showing, a caftan perched precariously on his extra lean shoulders, shock of long unkempt dreadlocks cascading down his head and teeth yellowed by years of hard living and a face still surprisingly handsome despite the ravages of illicit living.

“This was Majek, my hero, the one who brought down the rain. He was who redefined Reggae and in that one album forced us to look deep into our consciousness, calling us prisoners of conscience. He was who took that Bob Marley piece, Redemption Song into the sublime. He infused it with his pangolo rhythm and turned it into an anthem of social and spiritual awakening. Majek was a god, strong Adonis like looks, talent yet to me replicated in our clime and charisma of the gods. “

Everything great about Majek has become a thing of the past. He was a rich man, now a pauper.

Majek himself attributed his fall from fame to spiritual problem. Although we cannot totally dispute this, but the truth is Majek lived a careless and reckless life when he had it. He dabbled into habits that ruined his life like drugs, gambling and womanizing. Ironically, Majek is a preacher who never lived his messages. He is miles apart from the morality he preached through his songs.
Majek Fashek is struggling with addiction. Recently, a flicker of hope flashed at him when a billionaire took it upon himself to help with his rehabilitation. Majek is still at the rehab and news of his response to rehabilitation can be said to be gladdening. Who knows, the rain-maker can rain some good music for us again.

Late Rasheed Yekini:

Late Rashidi Yekini will be remembered for being the first Nigerian to score a world cup goal for his dear country. The soccer legend scored 37 goals for the country in 57 matches, a record he still holds even in his grave. The soccer legend still remains a post-mortem role model to many footballers.

But with all his fame and wealth, Rashidi Yekini died a poor man. This man once had a private jet at a time when most Nigerians could not afford a bicycle. He once lived a life filled with opulence and grandeur. But when he died at the age of 48, he died as a church rat.

Yekini’s downfall tread started when he lost his life savings into the scrupulous hands of some fraudsters he entered into business with. This resulted to him losing his mind. Those that were very close to him said he died of depression. Some said he was so out of tune with his senses that he would urinate by the road side openly.

What makes Yekini’s case more pathetic is that the nation he served and played for on the pitch left him to die in his perilous situation.

“It is obvious I left Kennis because my contract with them expired and my career dwindled. When I was with Kennis Music, all hands were on deck to push my music out but now that I am on my own, everything is left to me. But the major reason I was out of the limelight was because I was attacked by armed robbers. I was shot in my neigbhourhood at FESTAC.

“I was away from music for over a year because I was hospitalised. That was what affected me. I could not move freely because I lost faith in the security around where I was staying. I hardly went out because I was afraid of another attack. I went through a lot of trauma.”

This is Azadus talking, the handsome man with sonorous voice that sang the late 90s hits- “Madam” and “You is the One”. You can never doubt the ‘sweetness’ of his voice, and the richness of his lyrics. Those two songs were the street anthems in the start of the millennium; they were songs that many people knew by heart. But the name Azadus has also gone with the wind.

Azadus, while responding to an interview with a Punch correspondent, said his premature exit from limelight is caused by his being shot by robbers, and the expiration of his contract with Kennis Music.

The major cause of his dive into obscurity is the lack of proper talent management. No doubt he was a talent, but he skipped some steps while climbing the ladder to stardom, and he fell. If he had stayed and renewed his contract with Kennis, maybe he would have been a groomed and nurtured celebrity by now. His decision makers – whoever they may be – ruined his musical career that started brightly.

Conclusively, a lot of lessons can be learned from the lives of these people. From where they have failed we can be cautious. We must all understand that nothing ever last forever, everything about life is ephemeral.