Who Will Bridle Mr Governor’s Tongue?

Governor Ayodele Fayose has earned a name for himself- that governor that must talk even when his opinion is not needed. He will speak against the old and the young. His mouth is ready to let hell loose irrespective of who. Governor Ayodele Fayose has said a lot that when all he had said are compiled in a book and presented to him, perhaps he might express shock at how he had allowed such destructive vituperations to escaped his cavity.Mr Governor even went to the extent of wishing a fellow human being like him a death wish. Sometimes one is forced to ask the question: “What has Mr Governor been taking?” Continue reading “Who Will Bridle Mr Governor’s Tongue?”


Is Pa Edwin Clark Trying to Romance President Buhari?

By Debo Popoola
There is a saying that goes thus: “the word is an egg, when spoken, can never be retracted.” This saying best fits the man called Edwin Clark. The man who thinks when he speaks, his words cannot bounce back to hurt him.
Edwin Clark has forgotten that every word spoken by him to be public are stored in the air and can be recalled at any time and be used against. Part of the words Edwin Clark said sometimes ago is written below:

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