Who Will Bridle Mr Governor’s Tongue?

Governor Ayodele Fayose has earned a name for himself- that governor that must talk even when his opinion is not needed. He will speak against the old and the young. His mouth is ready to let hell loose irrespective of who. Governor Ayodele Fayose has said a lot that when all he had said are compiled in a book and presented to him, perhaps he might express shock at how he had allowed such destructive vituperations to escaped his cavity.Mr Governor even went to the extent of wishing a fellow human being like him a death wish. Sometimes one is forced to ask the question: “What has Mr Governor been taking?”
As it has become a habit for Mr Governor to always comment on every national subject (and most times his comments always seem to be out of tune) Mr Governor has released a press statement on the death of former Governor of Bayelsa state, Sen, Diepreye Alamieseyeagha. He said the ruling party APC and the Federal Government are responsible for the man’s death. He said: “It is painful that the All Progressives Congress (APC) led federal government finally succeeded in hounding an Ijaw leader to death just because of his staunch stance on the upcoming Bayelsa State governorship election”
This statement by Mr Governor is capable of throwing the whole nation into tumult. In a country as ours where every tribe and ethic group is suspicious of the other, someone like Governor Fayose should be careful of what comes out of his mouth.
Politicising the death of an ex leader by blaming it on the government can incite his kinsmen and followers to take arms against the government. The country is still battling with the mayhem of Boko Haram. And having earlier battled with Niger-Delta insurgency, anyone that loves the peace of this nation should be care with what is said in the public.
Governor Ayodele Fayose must realize that it is not compulsory that his voice must be heard always in every issue. In fact, he should devote much time to realize his stomach infrastructure programs.
It will be good for Mr Governor to focus his energy on how his state will be free from the shackles of poverty that is ravaging the state. He should devote much time formulating policies that will ensure education is given resuscitation in the state.
Ekiti state used to be known for having the highest numbers of educated people in the past. It’s is saddening that the standard of education in the state has started to diminishing. Mr Governor should rather embark on how Ekiti state will get his grooves back as the fountain of knowledge.
The city of Ado Ekiti is filled with jobless youths parading the streets looking for jobs that are not. Mr Fayose should please invest much if his energy on job creation for the youths.
The roads in Ekiti are begging for attention. Mr Governor should devote his attention on how infrastructures in the state will take good shape; on how bad roads will be rehabilitated, how new roads will be constructed, how the people of the state will start enjoying basic infrastructures.
If Mr Governor will do all these, he would not be the one doing the talking again, the good people of Ekiti state will do the talking, and their talking will be for the good of the whole nation.


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