PHOTO: Linka Ikeji Dissed By Her Fans


The popular Nigerian blogger, Linda Ikeji, is gradually treading towards
the part of destruction as her pride and opulent lifestyle have continued
to put her at the wrong side of her readers.

Surely she has them in numbers but it will only take a little time before
she completely lost it with them if she continues with her frivolous and
unnecessarily extravagant lifestyle and bragging about it.

She posted on her instagram page how she spent 5000 pounds on a chanel
bag, posing with the bag. Her intention was to freak her fans but she
ended up being freaked as the fans poured on her vituperations of a
nation’s reality of economic depression.

Even if she had spent her hard-earned money to by the bag, bragging about
it is outright nonsense in a country where many cannot afford 100 naira in
a day.


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