I am ‘The Normal One’, says New Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp

New Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp has claimed he is ‘The Normal One’ after taking over the reins at Anfield.

The former Borussia Dortmund manager was asked how he would describe himself after Jose Mourinho’s infamous ‘Special One’ comment on his arrival at Chelsea, but he was not willing to talk up his own abilities.

“I don’t want to describe myself,” the 48-year-old said on Friday at his first press conference since taking charge at the Premier League club.

“Does anyone in this room think that I can do wonders? No? So let me work. I’m a totally normal guy.

“I came from the Black Forest. My mother is watching this at home on the television, but she won’t understand a word. She is very proud, though.

“I am the ‘Normal One’, if you want [a description]. I was a very, very average player.”

Klopp, though, did praise his roots in management, urging people to go and watch a Mainz game if they can and labelling Dortmund a great club.


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