7 Ways to Use Your Facebook Page to Promote Your Business. Very Simple

facebookFacebook is one of the commonest social media tools around. It is a place where the old generation meets new. People of different race and culture meet here. It is also very is easy to use, unlike other social media.

There are over a billion users globally. Facebook has turned the world to a global village where someone in Australia can interact with another person in Nigeria. Business minded people see facebook as a global marketplace.

Yes! The idea of the global marketplace is our focus. Do you know you can sell your products and services using facebook pages, thus generating huge revenue for you? Here are some proven and tested tips based on research that you should know if you really want to promote your business through facebook.

1 Let your facebook profile do the marketing: The first thing most people do before they interact with you is to first check your profile. They want to know who you are? Knowing who you are will give them the assurance that they are not totally talking to a stranger.

You profile must tell what you do or sell, it most give the viewer all the information about you. Your profile image and cover photo must show your logo and probably what you do; this is a branding strategy.

2. Invite as much friends as you can: There is actually no limit to the number of friends you can invite to like your facebook page. By adding friends, they get to view your profile; and if your profile in appealing enough, they will definitely like your page.

3. Use the messenger tool: You can interact with those that have liked your page by sending them messages. You can introduce yourself and let them know what you do. Be friendly with your use of words and never use the racist or sexual words.

4. Pictures speak better: It is important that you post pictures of what you do more because people are more interested in seeing what you have done than hearing or reading about it. Pictures should support whatever you might have said to your prospective customer s or clients.

5. Be Interactive: This is very important; it is like a customer service thing. Always reply every question asked in your post. Some questions may be out of tune but you must give friendly and appealing answers. It is also important to like replies.

6. Be Consistent: Consistency is key to selling products or services both online and offline. It is not the day you open a facebook account or page that people start patronizing you, you need to keep posting and updating your page with good contents. By doing this, you will trigger your friends curiosity to want to know what you are up to.

7. Facebook alone cannot do it: Never over rely on facebook alone, explore other means of getting your products and services known. Use other social media. The face-to-face marketing is still very important to grow business, utilize it more.

Written by Debo Popoola.


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